Jenna & Ben

Inspired by the simplicity and romance of bistros, coupled with their travels, this wedding is full of personal details and focused on the simple things in life. Jenna and Ben fittingly got engaged on Love Lane in New York City. Their wedding day was one of the most emotional and love-filled weddings I’ve been a part of. From the intentional and incredibly personal ceremony and legacy table to the details and menu selection that reflected their relationship, it truly told their story.

They grew up and met in Iowa, then proceeded to travel to Paris and Wales before settling in New York City after graduation. From the day we first met and I saw the twinkle in Jenna’s eye talking about the love she had in Ben, I knew that this would be a perfect fit and truly memorable affair. They wanted to incorporate the journey they had been on so far and honor their families that have supported them to get to where they are — to share their beautiful relationship and personalities with everyone in attendance on their special day.

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Coordination and Styling: Harper Hadley Events | Venue & Catering: Iowa Memorial Union | Photography: Katharyne Dunn Photography | DJ and Lighting: Unique Events | Video: MI Studios | Floral: Every Bloomin’ Thing | Linens: Purchased by family