Summerfield Romance

Inspired by the sweet romance and heirloom charms of a simpler time, this is the story of Tinsleigh and Jacob. They met in a local coffee shop and quickly got lost in conversation centered on their dream of a simple life surrounded by mementos of travels and life experiences.

Their experiences in Europe’s countryside resonate deeply with them — where the food was local and homemade, wine was well aged, stories were told at every turn and there was always a sense of love and adventure in the air. In the presence of God and their families alone, they committed their lives to one another. They chose to keep it small because they wanted to start their marriage the way they intended to take on the world – leaning on each other and supported by their inner circle.

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Design & Styling: Harper Hadley Events | Venue: Summerfield at Tate Farms | Photography: Leah Golter Photography | Floral Design: The Backyard Bouquet | Rentals: Rent my Dust | Paper/Calligraphy: Paper & Posies | Gown: Truvelle Bridal (Michelle gown) | Hair/Makeup: Brittany Jones Weddings | Models: Em & Brent Smith | Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets | Jewelry: Shapiro Diamonds | Details: The Mrs. Box ; Silk & Willowpaper, table runners and ribbon ; Fleuropean ribbon ; Mila Kolitsova Hair Comb