Peaches make me happy and are just plain pretty and delicious. This is the page where I share my little bucket list with y’all.

At HHE, we love to travel and would absolutely be honored to come to you. We have our passports on standby and suitcases ready to be packed. This is a list of dreams that we would really like to be part of. 

Inspired by this page, I’d love for you to help me spread the word. If any of these describe what you envision and you think we would be the right fit, please drop us a line (or more). 

  • The South
  • Wine Country
  • Hawaii
  • New Zealand
  • River Oaks Charleston
  • Beach Wedding
  • Europe
  • Pippin Hill Farm
  • Family Home
  • Lake Wedding
  • New Year's Eve Bash
  • Proposal
  • Wedding Weekend
  • Love Session
  • Gift a Full Service Wedding