Sweet Beginnings | Brideside’s Budget Tips

We have talked about the ‘b’ word before. I know it’s one of the least exciting parts of wedding planning, but also one of the most important. Today I’m excited to share some wedding budget tips from our friends at Brideside.

Budgets are tools, not restrictions. I always talk through budget planning with my couples, regardless of the collection they choose. It is important to start your marriage off on a financially responsible footing. It is also a wonderful way to have educational discussions with our couples. The wedding industry is constantly evolving and this is your first wedding. You don’t know what you don’t know. I’d venture to guess that things have also changed a lot since your parents were married, or even your best friend or sibling a few years ago.

Most of my planning friends also prioritize budget discussions and planning with their couples. Whether you have a planner or not, you should absolutely consider these points as early on in your planning journey as possible. The team at Brideside have done a wonderful job with their template (available in GoogleDocs or excel) and have even compiled a fantastic list of tips and tricks!

What are some of your best budget tips to share with other couples?



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