June Goals | Letting Go of Overwhelm

Happy June, lovelies! While I am not a huge fan of summer, especially in this Texas heat, I do love my birthday month. This year, it is a big one and I get to celebrate it with our sweet babe in tow! I’ll be hitting that ‘big’ 3-0 and it’s my golden birthday, so you can guess how many visions of sequins and glitter are dancing through my head! However, this month is also our busiest month with our last wedding of the year, lots of birthdays other than my own, getting ready for baby and lots of other things on the calendar. Somewhere in there, I might read, paint or finish unpacking the house. But, as Scarlett says, tomorrow is another day (or next month is another month), right?

With my to do list growing as the months countdown to baby and we are executing this beautiful wedding, dreaming up what is next for HHE, and #allthethings, I am reminding myself of one thing the prayer in Ephesians 3:16-21.

Whenever I get overwhelmed or can’t quiet my mind, I hear my Maw-Maw echo in my head “Jennifer. Peace. Be Still.” I cannot count how many times I’ve thought that to myself A DAY lately. So this month, amongst all of the things on the list, I am focusing on letting go of overwhelm and leaning into God and his truth. That is where I will find my center, focus and true rest to get things done.

I also learned a powerful lesson yesterday. I entered the weekend with grand plans to power through and do a lot of things to get ahead for the week. While we had a wonderful weekend, I went into Sunday feeling like I would never get it all done. Despite that, I started the day with prayer and study. You know what, the days that I make time for God over all else are the days that I get the  most done. I ended the weekend with only blogging left on my list. That is pretty darn amazing! When we rest in Him and know that we are more than enough because he made us that way, it all gets done. Now, I clearly didn’t mark off every item, but the important things, the family things, the things that needed to get done (not the ones I wanted to get done) were accomplished.

That is the attitude I am approaching June with. Hopefully it will carry through the rest of the year and beyond, especially as we begin navigating parenthood. Instead of leaving a list of things I want to be held accountable for this month, help me remember to prioritize being still, will you? What is helpful for you when you feel overwhelmed? What calms you and helps you focus on what truly matters?

xoxo, Jenn


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