Baby Pocho | Ainsleigh’s Newborn Session

On October 18, 2017, we welcomed our beautiful Ainsleigh James into the world! Oh my goodness – we are parents to a sweet baby GIRL! I am still pinching myself multiple times a day. Somehow, it feels like she has been here forever and that we are clueless and have just gotten her home a few hours ago – all at the same time. The other day, we were talking about how we don’t remember much about life before her. I personally do not really remember being pregnant anymore, either. It’s so surreal.

In preparation for bringing baby into our lives and home, we did so much research, trying to enter into things with a flexible perspective. HA! Despite our best efforts and intentions, nothing could prepare us for the last few weeks. From the moment we were admitted into the hospital, things have been going breakneck speed and in slow motion simultaneously. The second that we heard that first cry and the doctor said “It’s a girl!”, our world has been brand new and better than ever. That’s not to say that we don’t have challenges and adjustments, hello gassy cries and sleepless nights, but looking at her perfect little face makes every second of lost sleep and every tear worth it. Our marriage has already been made stronger and our family more complete. We are so excited to see how her personality blossoms and create new memories as a family!

I could likely write for hours about how Ainsleigh has improved our lives, made us better people and spouses, and much more. Eventually, I’ll write a post about my feelings/perspective on motherhood. However, for now, I am excited to share a few images from our in home newborn session with Liz!

In the week between arriving home and this session, we found some amazing watercolor pieces with animals and floral accents to bring in the pinks to the nursery. I also repurposed my old studio curtains, which soften the room so perfectly. Of course, we continue to add little girl touches here and there. Her room has quickly become my favorite in the house.

We love every, single image that Liz captured of us and our girl!! However, we are choosing to be more private with our family photos. I’ll share a select few with you publicly, but they will be very limited. Thank you all for your encouragement, love, gifts and support as we have welcomed Ainsleigh into our family. We are humbled by the blessings all of you are to us!


Jenn (& Adam & Ainsleigh)

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