Cheers to 6 Years!

Six years, 2,190 days ago, we made a commitment to walk through the rest of this life together, whatever that brought our way. We also have hit the decade mark of knowing each other, which is cray! Each year that I reflect on our life together, I am baffled by the way God has guided, provided and strengthened us. It just keeps getting better and for that, I am forever grateful!

Adam, you are unequivocally my best friend and rock. Every time I think there is no way I could ever love you more, I am wrong. We have had a rollercoaster six years and worked through things that no one should have to, but we always come out on the other side stronger and closer than ever. I can say the same for our highs and lows. That is a true gift, my love.

This past year, I have had the true honor and privilege to see you step into fatherhood as if you were created for it. I believe that you were. You are such a nurturer, lover and caretaker. I always knew you would be a wonderful daddy to our children, but as always, you have far surpassed my wildest dreams. The way you love, care for and serve Ainsleigh and me is absolutely amazing! We are the luckiest!

We also made some big decisions for our family this past year with our move back to Iowa. I am so grateful that we are communicating, dreaming and taking leaps of faith to fight for our dreams for our family. This adventure is my absolute favorite and I cannot wait to see what the next fifty plus years bring. Now, let’s hope I cut our anniversary cake with the right edge of the knife. 😉

I love you!

xoxo, BG

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