Meet Harper

Harper is a free spirit with an eye for design and a heart for all things exploration. She works as a freelance writer so that she can enjoy a lifestyle that allows her to travel and experience life to the fullest. Whether it is in a coffee shop with a view or on the side of a mountain, adventure lights her heart on fire.

She met her fiancé while on a missions trip in Africa. She has a big passion for helping those in lesser circumstances. Harper is a dreamer. She longs for the day she can tell the stories of the sweet souls she’s met, through her blog and eventually by starting a foundation to serve them better. Weekends are spent at the Farmer’s Market and hosting friends at home. Sundays are for family and taking it slow, picnics with Saturday’s left overs and music on the record player. Harper is an old soul who yearns for the good stuff. The in-between stuff that makes life so precious and authentic.


When wedding planning, she knows that they want it to be simple, beautiful and significant, but she wants to focus her energies elsewhere to better use her gifts. Planning and design are not her forte, but she cannot wait to celebrate this next adventure, their greatest adventure, with intention surrounded by nature and their loved ones.