The Harper Hadley Events Mission

Our mission is to create a place where brides and grooms feel heard, are safe to be themselves, and focus on their biggest relationships throughout the planning process as well as the day itself. We prioritize building a relationship with the couple through ample face-to-face coffee dates, so that we can create a completely custom-designed wedding infused wtih meaningful details. We spend extra time making sure our couples are intentionally investing in each other. We want our couples to remember how many memories they made with their dearest loved ones on their wedding day by us taking care of all the logistical details, because the wedding is just the beginning of a new legacy rooted in their families. We believe in the beauty of all memories, especially the little ones we often overlook.

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I never want my couples or their families to feel like they missed out on quality time with their loved ones. I only saw my mother for twenty minutes on my wedding day because she was too busy finalizing logistical details. Family and the relationships that we have in life are so important and my desire is to help my couples invest in and strengthen those relationships during their engagement, not strain them. Above all else, I think this time is so irreplaceable because I have a huge heart for marriage & relationships; they move mountains!

Wedding design for me doesn’t stop at the logistics or the artistic execution, though I truly love both! The fact that my couples let me into their lives and trust me with their wedding is an honor that I do not take lightly. Every time a new couple joins the HHE family, I am truly humbled and so excited to welcome them with open arms. I strive to set things up for a stress free experience and place importance on prompt communication. Because of the relationship we get to build, I am able to see when couples are stressed out & anticipate their needs by helping them find ways to reconnect with each other. This makes my heart sing above all else.